Residents of Nevada

Sales tax is charged on orders shipped to addresses within the state of Nevada rate of 7.6%


Since Corazón Vintage does not hold a physical presence outside of Nevada there is no current requirement to collect sales tax. However, it is your responsibility to be informed since many products are subject to state use tax in your resident state (unless it has specifically been except from tax). 

International Orders

For orders placed outside of the United States we do not collect sales tax, however your purchase may be subject to local import taxes, sales taxes and/or customs processing fees. In accordance with Federal Law, all of our international shipments use an integrated USPS Mail label and Customs Declaration (CP72) that contains accurate information about the contents and value of the package. We also attach a copy of the sales invoice to every order to assist your local customs office in clearing the shipment through customs rapidly.

Misrepresenting the value of the contents of a shipment is considered fraud by many governments (including ours, see the Tariff Act, 1930), and may result in both the sender being fined and recipient having their shipment confiscated and liability to prosecution (and fines). We are unable to risk prosecution for fraud in order to reduce your local tax liabilities.