Making a lasting impact to maintain the environment for many generations to come while celebrating the beauty of the past is Corazón Vintage mission. 

We believe in sourcing high-quality ethical materials while reducing our impact on the environment. It is our moral duty to sustain the natural environment in the choices we make daily from suppliers, packing materials, office environment and shipping carriers. 


Our goal is to reduce waste and unnecessary fossil fuel emissions. Boxes/envelops used are from post consumer waste and we also use United States Postal Service boxes which can fully be recycled even adhesives used on the USPS boxes and stamps are biodegradable. 

Our suppliers assist us in reducing waste by electronically sending invoices instead of printing and shipping inside every box as well as packing boxes with less filler material and whatever filler material we do received it it recycled by. using it to secure our customers shipment. Orders are placed in larger quantities at a time which assist in reducing fossil fuel emissions and waste. 


We strive to pack in the smallest boxes/envelope possible and secure boxes with tap which is fully eco-friendly. Our tap is made of transparent cellulose film, which is a wood based product of regenerated wood pulp. The tape goes on clear, is biodegradable, non-static and tears easily by hand when required.

Eco-friendly Printing/Paperless System

All flyers, postcards, business cards etc. are eco-friendly. We use recycled paper stocks and a variety of soy based inks. We reduce fossil fuel emissions by ordering our printing materials from a plant located near us. The inks are kind to our environment, emitting few volatile organic compounds than traditional petroleum-based inks.

We send invoices electronically at the time of the initial order and at the time of shipment with tracking formation. Our office is paperless from packing slips to invoices it is all managed electronically. Shipping labels are printed on recycled paper and on smaller sized paper to reduce any paper waste. 

Shipping via USPS

We ship via USPS since they not only provide excellent shipping rates for our customers but USPS boxes are fully recyclable and biodegradable. Packages are picked-up by USPS during their regular scheduled routes saving fossil fuel emissions.